Date: 5 September 2013
Good Hygiene and Safety Practices in Student Studio

The School has recently received enquiries about hygiene and safety practices in student studios in the Jockey Club Innovation Tower.

While works are in progress in the building, we would like to remind you again the followings to observe good hygiene and safety practices in our new Home.

  • Please stay away from restricted areas.
  • Please do not put microwave or other electrical appliances in Studios.
  • Please do not put refrigerator or other electrical appliances in Studios.
  • No cycling or skateboarding or roller skating or other similar activities in the building.  

Facilities Management Office (FMO) reminds to comply with fire safety regulations and other related regulations according to the approved Occupancy Permit for teaching venues.

A large-scale fire grill will be arranged soon around November. Your co-operation to follow rules and regulations governed by the University is highly appreciated, or otherwise, we will take immediate action if necessary.

Also, we would like to remind you that the seating in studios is temporary will be replaced by new studio chairs by October. Please do not take away other furniture items from other rooms and offices.  The inventory has been recorded for proper handling.  If you have other enquiries, please communicate to your discipline leader or year coordinator or General Office for our follow up actions.

Thank you for your support to observe good hygiene and safety practices in your new Home.

Date: 5 September 2013
Student Lockers

The School is moving in stages to Jockey Club Innovation Tower and thank you for your patient and understanding since not all the facilities are in perfect and ready for use at this stage.

Informed by the contractor, the installation of student lockers is not yet completed. Contractor needs to continue fitting works and re-installation.

If you have already put the lock on, please REMOVE your personal belongings and UNLOCK the student lockers immediately or latest by 6 September The contractor will continue the works from 9 September, 2013.

Once the installation is completed, student lockers will be labeled with numbers and allocated by the School by registration. Priority will be given to the full-time students without delegated studios.